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When should I call my case manager?

When you call the CSEA, be prepared to ask the receptionist to speak with your Case Manager. If you do not know who your Case Manager is, you can give the receptionist your case number (starting with a ‘7’), or your social security number to look up your case. Contact your Case Manager:

  • Anytime you have questions about your case.
  • When you have new information to update your case. Examples include a change in employment, a change of address, a new phone number, or a name change.
  • To request a copy of a payment history.

There are times your Case Manager may be unable to answer their phone immediately. If you are required to leave a voicemail message, please know that all phone calls are returned within one business day as a matter of policy. Also, if you are coming to the Agency to pick up documentation you must provide a picture ID as proof of identity before documents will be released to you.

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Can my current spouse call regarding my case?

No. Your case is confidential. Child Support Services cannot release information to another party, including your attorney, unless you have signed a release. Your attorney and the CSEA have forms for this purpose.